Last week I got fabulous news. The Excellence Habit was named the Winner in the motivational category of the 2016 Next Generation Indie Book Awards. The rush, the kick, the buzz … all kind of emotions, and all from the same emotional family. THANK YOU to all the fans, the readers - you are the best.

Do I call this a success? Is it a result of excellence? How do I translate it into continued Excellence for my next book? Questions, questions. While I search for answers - I decided I'm attending the awards ceremony next month in Chicago. It will be during Book Expo America, so it’s like the Superbowl for book lovers and publishers. I’ll tweet about it and share anything interesting I see and learn. In the meantime - a few thought-provoking sentences that have been brewing recently.

Towards understanding of religion: God does not negotiate; You can only make a deal with the devil.

Towards understanding of social security reform: Politicians can statistically prove that after age 65 people only exist as a form of revenge to the social security system. 

Towards understanding of statistics: When you measure 3 elephants and 6 mice, the average animal weighs 2,985 lbs.

Towards understanding of politics: If a politician offers no promises, people will feel cheated.

Towards understanding of hope: All potential arguments about the toilet seat stop, as soon as we realize that there is no recorded instance of an egg-cell chasing a sperm-cell. 

Towards understanding of aging: We dream of staying eternally young and healthy, but being eternally old and healthy might work just as well.  

Towards understanding of social media: It is not enough to be modest; you have to let everybody know about it too.