Named best 2016 motivational book by Next Gen Indie Books

"Most of us live two lives!"

The first one is the life we actually live; the second is the imagined life where we achieve all the success we dream about. Some build a bridge between these two lives. 


The Excellence Habit is biography of an idea, and the idea is simple. The main source of success is excellence, and excellence depends more on our internal circumstances. Grit, determination, and the discipline to put in the hard work as a matter of habit, and not a matter of need, are crucial.”

~ from The Excellence Habit

"What Vlad calls the "excellence habit" may seem an easy change of attitude but is in fact a lifelong process. Some people are born with this gift but most can acquire it at any stage of their lives and following previous failures. This is the attitude and habit of those who are smart and brave enough to strive for the best and truly desire a fulfilling life.

~ Vess G.

"I highly recommend The Excellence Habit. I found the book to be very engaging and thought provoking. The author's ability to use real life examples to show the points he is trying to make and cross reference relevant academic research is exemplary. This is a great book that will certainly be very helpful for anyone wanting to increase their personal and professional performance.

~ Juan Montoya

"I would recommend this insightful book to anyone embarking on a new endeavor, starting a new job, wanting to start a new business, or about to make a big change in his or her life. Reading this book will help you take an honest look at yourself and teach you to mindfully make simple changes that can impact the outcome of your work in a big way.”

~ Rick Baggio

"We all need help breaking bad habits and forming good ones. Vlad eloquently takes us on a journey beneath the iceberg and onto reality so we can make excellence a Habit. Great read, thoroughly recommend it.”

~ Michael Potts

"What a great book! I love Amy Cuddy's story about overcoming obstacles and never giving up. What gets me motivated is reading about what someone went through to overcome tough times. There are some amazing examples. This book stays in my Kindle!

~ Shantee' Parks

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